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If technology is made simple for businesses it allows them focus on their customer.

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We are on call 7 days a week. We help businesses keep IT simple. We are Kodo Tech experts.



We know how important reputation is and that is why we are 110% driven to deliver outstanding results on-time, every time. Not convinced? Ask to see our extensive resume of ecstatic customers to prove it.


We have more than 45 year’s collective experience working with 100’s of Australian Businesses. From Software Developers to Tower Riggers our team has it covered. Give us a go,we’ll gladly tackle anything you can throw at us.


Thinking out side of the square is the normal everyday focus for a KodoTech. We use the latest technologies to develop creative solutionsthat enable your business to be smarter, cleaner and more efficient.

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Kodo Technologies was born when its founders came together to accomplish a common goal Make Business IT Simple.

Managed IT Services

Kodo Technologies has developed an IT management product
that provides a 24x7 automated monitoring and maintenance services for your businesses IT equipment.

Kodo manage is primarily designed to save internal staff completing daily computer maintenance tasks and reduce the amount of downtime by proactively detecting and preventing failures.

Give us a call and find out how we can help your business.

Website Design

Are your customers finding you online? Due to the increase of demand, Kodo Digital was founded. We help businesses get online so their customers can find them. Ask us how a website will improve your business.

We offer three different solutions to cater for most budgets. Most websites are finalized and uploaded within six weeks.

Book a meeting today and ask us how we can improve your web

Software Development

Is your business missing something that your system is
lacking? Get the competitive advantage by automating time consuming manual processes.

You can only ever be as good as your competitors when using
the same software.

Give us a call and book a meeting. Ask us why we use custom software at Kodo Tech.


Do your staff members need to collaborate? Kodo has a wide range of expertise when it comes to networking in the local environment and inter-site situations either via cable or microwave mediums.

From designing and constructing communication corridors with fibre optic through to configuring complex routing scenarios we have it covered.

If its time to upgrade existing infrastructure or fix current issues holding your business productivity back Kodo is here to help.

Telephone Systems

Every business would like th their staff to be able to communicate anytime, anywhere.

IP based telephones systems by Kodo are easily integrated into new and existing environments to bring you modern features at a fraction of the price.

With mobility being a top priority consider being able to use your desk phone from another office or even another country!

The range of IP systems on the market is large and that is why you should seek expert advice when deploying.

Call us today to find out the smart way to use your communication platform.

Internet Connectivity

Due to poor Internet connectivity in the Barossa and surrounding regions, Kodo Technologies created Beam Barossa.

Beam Barossa provides Internet connectivity to homes and business locations in the Barossa and surrounding areas.

Services range from entry level home plans with 12/1Mbps through to corporate grade plans up to 1/1Gbps.

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